Terms and Conditions

Amplify Business Profit Limited has a commitment to provide you with the services you have opted for, and when signing up for any program you undertake to complete a minimum of 90 days (3 monthly payments) when signing up for any program.

You, the customer accept that our team at Amplify Business Profit Limited will do our best to help you improve your return on ad spend, although as every business is different we cannot guarantee to do so.

You agree to provide us with access to your images and accounts where required in a timely manner in order for us to carry out your projects.

You must arrive at your training sessions with us on time, or let us know when you need to reschedule or are unable to make a pre-arranged appointment.

All training sessions may be recorded and used for training purposes on future or current training programs we may offer.

By joining one of our programs you agree to these terms.