General Terms and Conditions

Amplify Business Profit Limited will provide you with the services you have opted for until your membership is cancelled by you or us.

You, the client, accept that our team at Amplify Business Profit Limited will do our best to help you improve your return on ad spend, although as every business is different we cannot guarantee to do so.

You agree to provide us with access to your images and accounts where required in a timely manner in order for us to carry out your projects.

All training sessions may be recorded and used for training purposes on future or current training programs we may offer.


Signing up for any program requires you to complete a minimum of 90 days (3 monthly payments) unless otherwise agreed by us at the time you sign up.

When joining our Facebook Ads Monthly Management your 1st payment will be charged immediately upon commencement of our services. Your monthly payment will be charged to your credit card each month on your renewal date which is 1 month from your sign up date and monthly thereafter.

Late payment penalties will apply for outstanding payments as follows:

30 days overdue 20% of your monthly payment in addition to what you owe

60 days overdue 50% of your monthly payment in addition to what you owe

90 days + will incur an additional 50% per month, plus debt collection fees.

Pausing or Cancelling your Membership

You may pause or cancel your membership to our programs with a minimum of 7 days notice to your Ad account manager.


With 7 days notice and after discussion with your Ad Account Manager, we may agree to pause your membership for a maximum of 2 calendar months, once during any calendar year. When pausing you’ll need to provide us with the date you wish to restart, which is the date your next payment will be charged to your card.


With 7 days notice you may cancel your membership to Facebook Ads Monthly Management. Please let us know in writing if you wish to cancel via your Amplify Business messenger channel or email us Cancelled former members may re-apply to join our program again six months after the cancellation date. Our team will confirm in writing when your cancellation has been processed.

By joining any of our programs you agree to these terms.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found here: Terms

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