My Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to Improving Businesses

Here’s some background about me…

Once upon a time I was a cancer research scientist who loved data.

Then I started selling my own products via Google Ads in 2007 and have been running Facebook ads since their inception. 

Within a year of running my own ads successfully, I was consistently generating enough income for my wife and I to leave corporate life to pursue a life of travel and helping small businesses.

After over a decade of travelling, setting up and helping small businesses and having our daughter, we found our own private paradise in the far north of New Zealand. 

Along the way we’ve gathered a tribe of business owners from all over the world who we help to generate income online.

In the past year I’ve won 3x international awards for Facebook ad campaigns for consistently producing 24X ROAS on a $4k per day ad account.

Using my strategies, my team and I provide copywriting, media buying expertise and graphic design to help businesses improve their product to market match and ensure there is maximum congruency between ads, offers and webpages.

I’m all about experimenting, testing, trying new angles and I’m obsessed with chasing the cheapest decent conversions possible.

What our clients say about us:

“I’m a Facebook Certified Marketer, and Andrej totally changed my business.  Working with only 1 product, he produced an extra $60k in my business in the first 3 months.”

John Hellaby

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More Freedom for Business Owners is Our Mission

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